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WordPress 2.0 Upgrade
Saturday, January 28th, 2006

Today, Williamsburger upgraded to WordPress 2.0.

I ran through the DB backups easily, as well as the very quick official upgrade script. I’ve reactivated most of my plugins, although Akismet doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’ve fixed problems with Williamsburger Maps, as well as an issue I already knew I would need to deal with to patch the WordPress OpenSearch Plugin.

The changes I needed to make to support WP 2.0 are as follows:

  1. The .htaccess file needs to have all non-WordPress regexp’s before the WordPress section, or else the new default rules will simply override any additional rules you’ve added. This appears to be a change since WordPress 1.5, where your custom regexp’s needed to be after the WordPress section.
  2. If you want to directly access a HTTP GET parameter, you can’t simply reference the variable by name, as is often the case with PHP, but instead need to use the internal $_GET function, as such:
      $id = $_GET['id'];

    Thanks to James E. Robinson, III‘s post explaining how to patch my OpenSearch plugin for this tip.

  3. Something strange is going on with relative links within JavaScript GXmlHttp.create calls. Previously, this code worked fine (there’s a .htaccess redirect behind the scenes, but I haven’t changed that): 'GET',
                    'wbmaps-map-info-' + WbMaps.Version + '.php?id=' + mapId,
                    false );

    With WordPress 2.0, I needed to change this to the following: 'GET', 
                    '/wb/wbmaps-map-info-' + WbMaps.Version + '.php?id=' + mapId,
                    false );

    Note the addition of the absolute directory path on my server, something I’d obviously prefer not to need to hardcode into JavaScript.

  4. The default editor for managing posts provided by WordPress 2.0 fails miserably when formatting the interiors of <pre> tags. Granted, this isn’t an issue that most writers need to care about, but considering the tool offers an “edit as HTML” button, one would hope that it would at least attempt to respect what’s been typed into that field. Also, in the case of Williamsburger, there are enough code snippets posted that <pre> absolutely must work as expected.

    Additionally, the Markdown plugin provided with WordPress 2.0 has major troubles with <ol> and <ul> elements within table <td>’s, turning them into long hex strings, and the Textile plugin inserts unwanted <br>’s between <li> elements. None of this behavior is appropriate, although Markdown’s problems are particularly unacceptable. Markdown worked fine in WordPress 1.5, so I suspect it simply needs patching for WordPress 2.0, especially considering its “Extra” version is the eventual solution I’m now using.

    PHP Markdown Extra 1.0.1 seems to solve all of the other plugins’ problems, and my posts now render as they used to, although it seems that multiple carriage returns within <li>’s don’t seem to act as they do outside of <li>’s, causing some mashed-together paragraphs if extra attention isn’t paid to adding your own <p> tags.

What Did You Read Five Years Ago?
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Continuing a meme begun 2 weeks ago on, I’d like to take a step back and analyze my own web behavior with respect to bookmarks, site visitation patterns, search engine usage, and dynamic content.

WSO Portal Page, 2000.08.08

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Sunday, May 15th, 2005

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