Williamsburger Maps

Williamsburger Maps are an attempt to provide a useful tool for finding restaurants, bars, and other businesses in some of my favorite NYC neighborhoods.

The maps are powered by a mixture of JavaScript and PHP, and use the Google Maps API for the map UI, and script.aculo.us for visual effects. In part, this is a learning exercise for myself on AJAX patterns, with the intent of using this in professional work.

Williamsburger Maps bring together the following data:

See the Maps category for up-to-date postings on the state of this feature.

Williamsburger Maps

Current Version3.0

Known Bugs

  • Clicking on the expand/collapse buttons on the side panel businesses opens the map panel popup.
  • 3-5 MB memory leak for each page load in Firefox. (Update 11/24/2005: with the removal of OpenRico in 2.7, this will need to be retested to verify it’s still an issue.)
  • The marker PNG images have a transparent background in Firefox, and an inexplicable grey background in IE (but only when used outside of the Google Map div).