Williamsburger Menus

As wired New Yorkers, we demand immediate access to information. In the case of restaurant delivery, that means quick access to all local menu options without having to shuffle through a messy stack of duplicate and out of date menus. Even worse is when the perfect menu just isn’t anywhere in sight.

Frequently, it seems restaurants don’t go to the effort of making their delivery menus available online. MenuPages and FreeWilliamsburg do a great job of covering this failing in Manhattan and Williamsburg, respectively, but there’s always ones which will be missed. Here’s where Williamsburger can help fill in the gaps.

The following is a list of menus present on Williamsburger, each with the date it was last modified.

  • Bagel Store Menu August 6 2005
  • Buffalo Cantina Menu February 24 2006
  • Chinese Musician Restaurant Menu August 6 2005
  • Hana Food Menu August 6 2005
  • Landscape Cafe Menu August 6 2005
  • Pita Power Menu August 6 2005
  • Samurai Menu August 6 2005
  • Soma Menu August 6 2005