iTunes Signature Maker
Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Jason Freeman’s iTunes Signature Maker reads a user’s iTunes library and listening history, pulls out the n most frequently played tracks, mashes clips of them into a short piece of audio, and publishes it (to your desktop or a shared gallery) as a .wav file. I suspect it’s not horribly complicated software, but the result is, if nothing else, a neat diversion, and is definitely my favorite Findory meme of the day.

Part of the idea behind the iTunes Signature is that a compressed burst of your musical tastes will provide listeners a little insight into your personality. In practice, I found mine a bit jarring, yet somehow strangely soothing in its familiarity.

An interesting application of this software could be integrating it with something like‘s superior knowledge base to generate signatures for a group of people, or for friends within a social network. The problem with using, of course, would be gaining access to clips of songs, although seems to manage to do this with its player in a way that’s never been clear to me.

Williamsburger iTunes Signature (24 January 2006)

I’d enjoy hearing others’ signatures, so please, do post in the comments if you find this of interest.

4 Responses to “iTunes Signature Maker”

  1. Dave Says:

    the only thing I could pull out was crooked fingers. Im going to go see if it will work on a mac.

  2. davidjdowd Says:

    1 Music Post 2 thing

    first my iTunes signature.

  3. Chris Says:

    All I’ve got with me in London is my powerbook, so it needs to have a lot of music on it, as we didn’t want to travel with CDs. So I won’t be talking about any software for a while unless it works on at least a Mac, if not both Mac & PC.

  4. Collections Says:

    Musical Tastes in a Nutshell

    Thanks to Williamsburger for finding this nifty application that grabs bits of songs from your iTunes library and creates your iTunes signature. I tried two different versions, one based off number of times played and another based off my highest rate…

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