El Moderno
Sunday, October 16th, 2005

El Moderno's Huevos Rancheros

Don’t let the attractive plating work fool you; this is not a good brunch.

The eggs in my huevos rancheros have the odor of chicken meat just on the edge of going rancid (a smell I’m very used to, having frequented Park Slope’s 5th Ave Associated Supermarket a few years back). I should probably take this as a warning to stop eating altogether, but I figure if I just push the eggs off to the side, I can get by safely. The rest of the meal is acceptable, if not particularly memorable.

Then, about 6 hours later, the eggs work their way into my lower digestive tract. I’ve never before had the displeasure of producing the kinds of smells these eggs have caused, and I hope to never again.

El Moderno did pass their most recent health inspection, and this restaurant has been in this spot for a very long time, so I’m willing to assume this isn’t a major recurring issue with the restaurant as a whole. On my only other previous trip to El Moderno (a year or two back, before its impactless renaming from Chaucas), nothing was particularly wrong, but the food was unremarkable. I don’t plan on stopping by again, especially given the many other strong dining options within a few blocks.

El Moderno El Moderno
519 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

5 Responses to “El Moderno”

  1. hmilman Says:

    I live right down the street from Moderno. Every time I drop by I hate my meal and in turn, hate myself for going back. A few months pass, I try it again and the same thing happens. I’ve vowed never to return…

  2. debbie Says:

    Wow. I live down the street, too, but I’ve never actually stopped in. I was considering it, though, since lately they seem to be doing pretty good business (when it was Chauca’s it was always empty). Now I won’t bother. Thanks for the warning!

  3. tommy Says:

    Wow, you are all morons.

    The food is great there, and inexpensive. The best dishes are the chicken francesa and the carne asada

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, it’s a great find

  4. Maya Says:

    Nice one, I’ll give it a try next weekend!

  5. Cata Says:

    those are just haters, i have gone to the moderno many times and i had never a complain with the food. the only complain i could imagine maybe is the service bcse sometimes it is so crowed that they take a lil longer but it is about it. moderno keep up w the awesome food!!!

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