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Broadway Panhandler Moving Sale
Friday, May 26th, 2006

I enjoy very few shopping experiences as much as shopping for cookware, and Broadway Panhandler is by far my favorite place for this. Between their massive selection and reasonable prices, all crammed into an intimate space, and demonstrations by chefs and product salespeople, it’s always an adventure coming in to find that perfect pan, gadget, or dish.

So, imagine my excitement to learn there’s a moving sale starting this weekend at their (soon to be previous) Soho location running through June 11th. It sounds from the description (“In The Yard”) that there may be an outdoor component to this, and they’re advertising free food and live music. Will they be using the sidewalk in front of the store? Is there another space nearby I can’t recall existing?

At any rate, they’re advertising sales of up to 75% off the manufacturer’s prices, so I’m planning on heading down on Monday to see what I can pick up. Maybe, if the sale’s good enough, that Le Creuset casserole I’ve had my eye on for years…